Coaching for Organisations

Business Transformation

Business Transformation is notoriously tricky: Changing ways of working, aligning policies, shifting the culture, and managing individual resistance all pose significant challenges. The antidote? Emotional intelligence, deep listening, and proven policies and strategies – backed up with the metrics to measure what actually matters.

This is where I come in.

I’ve led and advised on major business transformation initiatives across a range of industries, from non-profit to financial services. What every project and every industry has in common is the need for good communication and human to human interaction.

I can support your team with Business Transformation strategy development, implementation plans, and the team and 1:1 coaching your project needs to be a success.

Agile Coaching

Agile has been around for years and is already a massive movement within tech – but as businesses (and customers!) see the benefits of agile working, it’s increasingly making its way into other areas.

A successful transition to Agile requires huge shifts in processes, terminology, and metrics – all of which require significant effort in their own right.

But THE most important shift to successfully transition to agile, is a change of mindset.

Agile values are the opposite of the command and control, hierarchical ways of thinking that are standard in many corporate environments. It can be a challenging move, especially for middle managers, who may feel particularly threatened by devolving responsibility and decision making to their teams.

This is where the right support is crucial. Agile Coaching can help your teams to make this crucial mindset shift and communicate effectively across all levels of the organisation.

I can support with choosing and implementing the right tools, delivering team and 1:1 coaching, training & workshops, and defining the necessary process improvements to successfully implement Agile. For a bespoke quote, get in touch at

Leadership Coaching

In an evolving workplace where 2-3 years is a long time in a role and team members are looking for more than just a secure salary, effective leadership is crucial. Leaders – especially managers – are key for modelling and developing a culture of psychological safety (which Google has found is the most important predictor of a successful team!). When people feel supported and understood by their employers, their work ethic, loyalty, and confidence improves.  Yet many people are promoted to leadership roles without the experience, support, or skills to really excel. This is where coaching comes in.

Coaching can help new and existing leaders with:

  • Creating an effective team culture
  • Transitioning to a new leadership role
  • Managing team dynamics
  • Communicating effectively with your team (and beyond)
  • Inspiring action through emotional intelligence
  • Developing your confidence and decision making
  • Managing Imposter Syndrome – in yourself and in your team
  • Showing vulnerability as a leader

Sessions are 1:1 and typically last 60 – 90 minutes.  Please note that although I will broadly agree goals with the sponsor or contracting manager, all individual sessions are fully confidential in order to establish trust.  Boundaries around reporting on progress will be agreed transparently and up front between all parties.

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Group Coaching

Group coaching facilitates increased trust, more agile ways of working, and improved communication: all essential for better teamwork. I draw on my experience not just as a coach, but also from the agile methodology I used in software development.  Group sessions are for up to 12 participants and typically use a systems based approach.  We may look at issues such as strategy, team building, communication, and adapting to change.  We will discuss goals for the session and desired outcomes in advance, however please note that due to the nature of coaching, these may shift depending on the needs of the group.  Sessions timings and the methods used will also vary depending on the topic and number of participants.

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