What Clients Say

‘I came to coaching for some clarity – life has now taken an upswing in a very real and long-awaited fashion and I would definitely credit the fabulous Emma’s patience, empathy and gentle but pertinent observations as having fed positively into that shift.  Emma’s approach is calm, measured, and thoughtful, but without any awkward distance or sense of being observed. It was very easy to unravel as needed and wander off and tangetialise and yet still find an anchor.

I would absolutely recommend Emma because she is the most satisfying person to speak to. I have spoken to various therapist/healing type people over the course of my life and she has by far been the person who let the opening up keep coming, kept it all held quite neatly and then reflected certain aspects back in ways that I had not considered before – or at least had not been able to hear, even from myself.  It also felt like a mutual thing. not as if you were getting a prescription to fix you up from someone in the know, but like you were connecting with an interesting, wise and empathic equal.’ – Laura, 36


‘Emma is almost never prescriptive or judgemental. She is a master at letting you come to your own understanding of a situation. This is done through a great deal of thoughtful questioning. She always seems to know the right questions to ask…. I think anyone would benefit from this style of coaching, regardless of their situation or goals.

My initial reason for wanting a life coach was that I had a difficult decision to make and I thought a life coach might make my decision clear. However, what I gained was far deeper than that. Emma has guided me to many insights about myself: my motivation, goals, relationship dynamics etc. Furthermore, I gained tools to feel less anxious and prioritize my time. One of the most meaningful changes is that I have finally given myself permission to want what I want, and that feels good.’ – Lindsey, 33